Take Your Best Summer Photos This Season at SPDC

Listen up, hotties. We know you’ve been getting in shape this summer, eating right and getting your party stamina back up into the danger zone. If you don’t take any hot summer photos though, how is everyone going to know?

Since Sapphire is the most photogenic Las Vegas day club, we know a thing or two about taking pictures. Check out our tips for capturing your best assets at the pool, on the beach or in a hot tub.

Confidence is key

pool model shot on phone

Starting off, don’t worry about creating planned perfection. If you try too hard to pose, your photos will look awkward and staged. Try a million different ways of moving — and don’t forget to keep the camera rolling for the candid shots.

Wear something you feel awesome in

Now is the time to break out the bikinis and swim trunks that make you model-fabulous. No need to save those outfits for “when I’m on vacation” or “when I lose those last five pounds” — those summer photos deserve fashion-forward fits right here and now.

Don’t hold your phone too high

This isn’t 2010. Don’t flash a duck face and hold your phone at dangerously high heights. Hold your camera away from your torso and straight on with your face.

Find a beautiful view

camera taking summer photos

Great news! Most beautiful views are free. Drive around or walk around an amazing spot to snap some summer images.

Pro tip: Looking to head somewhere exclusive? Make sure you get permission to use the scene in your photos. Some well-known locations could slap a fine on usage rights.

Get your lighting right

Lighting is the most important part of capturing perfect summer images that look on brand for the season. Make sure the lighting is behind you, the shadows are minimal and there’s nothing blocking the shot.

Make it a reel

If you’re all about the engagement, reels are hot right now. Instagram and TikTok are social media gold for sharing amazing photos of yourself, friends, food and fun times. If videos aren’t an option, consider creating a carousel of your best photos.

Keep it steady

It can be hard to frame a shot if your hands are shaking or — let’s be honest — those summer cocktails are kicking in. Consider buying a gimbal or stabilizer if you want to get serious with some rock-solid shots.

Pose at SPDC

We love sharing those steamy summer images on our socials — seeing as we do it every summer weekend. Sapphire Pool & Dayclub is the hub for photos and beautiful subjects, namely our hosts and servers. Between the hot shots on the daybeds and cabanas and the pictures with giant 3L bottles, there’s no shortage of opportunities for grabbing irreplaceable summer photos.

Booking pool packages online is the best way to secure a spot. It’s faster, easier and saves some dollas in the long run. Shoot us a text message or call us at 702.869.0003 to reserve packages and lock in transportation

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