How To Crush A Summer Workout Routine

Listen up y’all — it’s 2023. We can work on weight training, fat loss and lean muscle mass building in a million and one ways. The most important thing is sticking to something that you enjoy AND a regimen that will give results.

Need somewhere to start? We got you. From getting started to reaping rewards, get warmed up for your next sesh.

Identify your fitness goals

Knowing what you need to focus on is the most important first step. Every summer workout looks different to everyone.

Set a schedule every week

Whether you’re an early-morning workout fanatic or a night owl that hits the gym after sunset, a routine will help expedite those summer workout goals.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up either! Focus on upper body one day, lower body the next, back the next and so on. Finding workout programs that fit your life means that you’ll stick to them.

Mix weights and cardio

Woman working out with weights

Variety is the spice of life — and that includes your workouts. Starting weight training before any sort of fast cardiovascular movement is beneficial, but don’t forget to pick up the heavy things and put them back down. Weights are your best friend when you’re trying to build muscle. Hit all the areas: shoulders, arms, abs, legs, chest, the works.

When it comes to cardio, the treadmill and elliptical aren’t your only choices for having fun during your summer workout programs. Dancing, HIIT classes, pilates and even walking all fall under the category of cardio.

Start eating like royalty

Eat healthy to see results that last. Whether your goal is to get lean or build more muscle mass, your whole body will thank you for sticking to an excellent diet.

Don’t forget rest periods!

Rest days are just as important as completing your exercises. Relax, have a massage or take a nap. Doctor’s orders.

Listen to your body

girl doing a summer workout by a pool

Sometimes, those extra reps aren’t worth it. Your entire body benefits from intuitive movement. It’s not always about losing weight — being healthy is the best.

Workouts at SPDC we’re loving right now

There’s a reward for sticking to your summer workout plan. Show off your beach body at SPDC for some true “sky’s out, thigh’s out” fun that doesn’t involve exercise.

Dancing: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, palms facing out and move to the beat of the DJ’s music.

Beer pong: Angle your body towards the table and put one leg in front. Bend your knees and launch a ping-pong ball towards the cups at the opposite end. Engage your torso for maximum accuracy.

Swimming: Challenge yourself to wade across the entire dayclub pool and talk to every hottie you see.

Weights: These aren’t the weights you’re looking for. We’re talking about a boost to the mood with some liquid weights — maybe two 3L bottles of champagne in each hand? It’s our signature upper body workout.

Show off your summer workout results at Sapphire Dayclub

Good news: having a summer body means more than just working out like crazy to fit into a bikini. We love all bodies — and we want to see the results of that summer workout routine at Sapphire Pool & Dayclub. We’re not fitness director types, but we do know that the best arm workout for building muscle is lifting

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