Beat the Heat: Top Tips For Staying Cool In The Extreme Las Vegas Heat

We love Las Vegas, the urban heat island that’s no stranger to a heat wave that lasts for months on end. For the unseasoned though, it can be grossly hot. Don’t sweat it — stay cool in the 115+ degree weather with these tips.

Take a cold shower or bath

Nothing feels better than wiping out the heat of the day with cool water. If a pool party isn’t within arm’s reach, jump in the shower or run a refreshing bath.

Use cold washrags on your neck or wrists

Want some quick relief? Wet some rags and use them to cool yourself down. Better yet, keep them in the freezer overnight for an extra cold snap.

Pro tip: Take the pillowcases off of your pillows and throw them in the freezer. That way, the cool side lasts just a little bit longer.

Dress for hot temperatures

Jeans and hoodies are comfortable, but not when it’s hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk. Choose light, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen — or bathing suits, of course. Any light colored clothing will do, if you can’t hang in the shade.

Drink plenty of water

Woman drinking water

This should go without saying. Everyone is more prone to sweating in low-boiling temperatures. Drink water in extreme heat, to stay safe from dehydration.

Chase your alcohol with water

Alcohol is delicious and fun, but it also dehydrates you. Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, even if you’re not thirsty. The usual recommendation is one glass of water per drink, sometimes more, depending on the drink size.

Use box fans

A fan staying cool on the side of a pool

While it can be tempting to blast the air conditioning all season long, that can get expensive. Take a trip to Walmart and stock up on fans for the bedroom, living room or backyard.

Limit physical activity to cooler parts of the day

Extremely hot weather is a perfect excuse to relax in the heat of the day. Plus, heat related illnesses are rampant when performing outdoor activities, seeing as the risk is

Check your blood pressure and pulse points to make sure your heart is in good shape.

Sleep in breathable linens

Don’t suffocate under flannel or woolen sheets. Linen bedsheets are light, breathable and cool to the touch — plus, they won’t break the bank.

Close your curtains or blinds

While the summer sunshine might seem like a nice idea, it’s an invitation to get heat stroke in your own. Invest in blackout curtains to keep the core temperature of the house low while running the air conditioning.

Enjoy some cocktails

cool pool party cocktail

Cold drinks and hot weather are the match made in heaven. The best cocktails come out to play when it’s hot, and they can take the weight off of a hot day. It’s the best way to stay hydrated.

Go to the pool

Need another avenue to beat those urban heat islands? Spending time outside is best done poolside. Sapphire Pool & Dayclub is a sizzling-hot body of water that’s meant to be enjoyed in the company of our gorgeous servers, fun guests and killer beats. Our heat waves come in the form of hot party happenings that last all afternoon every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Keeping cool is easier than ever. Stay informed on the latest events at SPDC. Upcoming events and news offer the best info, tips and tricks for summer fun.

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