Tips for Partying at a Las Vegas Dayclub in 2023

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before …

You’re planning a trip to Vegas, throwing around ideas and have no idea what to do between your hungover brunch and hitting the club.

Luckily, someone suggests a dayclub and the day is saved — but how do you even start planning for that?

We got you, boo. We know a thing or two about partying at a Vegas day club — and we’re here to help YOU plan the most successful afternoon of your Vegas trip.

Make A Reservation

Day clubs get busy quick during the summer in Vegas. Walking in might work, but there are no guarantees that daybed or cabanas will be available.

To stay cool by the pool and avoid being a “walk-up,” call Sapphire Pool & Dayclub at (702) 869-0003 to reserve your spot. Choose everything from VIP cabanas to daybeds. Booking a cabana with shade and misters is a clutch move, as well as private pool packages that include complimentary transportation.

Hot tip: No reservation? Get there before opening — an hour before if you can — to snag a spot.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

A mimosa is not a well-balanced breakfast. We don’t care that it has OJ in it.

Before you start partying poolside, make time to eat brekkie beforehand. Prepare to party with protein and carbs, AKA a bomb breakfast burrito or Grand Slam.

While most pools have snacks and a full menu, chicken tenders at 2 PM might not be the best start to the day. Luckily, Sapphire Pool has breakfast items to start the day off right at high noon every Friday, Saturday and Sunday this summer 2023.

Agree on the Alcohol

girls with expensive-looking drinks laughing by pool water

Getting bottle service should be a given — but don’t be that group arguing between Bacardi and Belvedere. Figure out your bottle pick and call us to inquire about selections.

At Sapphire Dayclub, we only pop the finest bottles poolside. Our rotation of featured liquors and premium bubbly will keep the party going well into the afternoon.



We’ll say it again. Hydrate.

One more time for the people in the back. HYDRATE.

Vegas pools may be refreshing, but that 120 degree weather is ruthless. Drink a ton of water prior to arrival, to avoid a whole list of problems which start and end with dehydration.

Pack the Right Bag

Concerts are notorious for checking bags at the door, and Vegas dayclubs are no different.

Don’t dump the contents of your bathroom drawers into a giant Ikea-sized tote bag and lug it to the pool. It might not fit in the lockers, and the cabanas might not have storage space.

Forget something? Sapphire Pool & Dayclub has a storefront with extra bikinis, merchandise and other essentials for the pool.

Get Dressed Up to Get Messed Up

a woman in a white bathing suit and bright sarong

Vegas pools are as diverse as the party people that visit them. Just know that dayclub events are a special occasion out here in the desert, and proper attire is definitely encouraged. That means no sweatpants or sports jerseys — think “all-inclusive resort” attire.

For men, we suggest swim shorts, a good-looking shirt or tank top and flip-flops. Ladies, you can’t go wrong with a bikini, cute sandals and a cover-up or sarong.

Hot tip: Keep the sky-high wedges and stilettos behind. Broken ankles aren’t sexy.

Bring the Basics

Listen, we’re not going to scold you after this — but BRING A VALID ID. You need an ID for dayclub entry. It will be checked.

As for the rest, sunglasses, sunscreen and a waterproof phone case will save your life at a day club. You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

Other must-bring items can include gum, hats, portable chargers and other must-haves that you KNOW you’ll use.

Know Your Pool Vibe

a group of people drinking champagne in a pool like at Las Vegas dayclubs

Day clubs in Las Vegas can range from classy and luxurious to rowdy and energetic. Some run upscale, others offer top optional services and some offer both!

Sapphire Pool & Dayclub is one such place. SPDC is the only topless pool at a gentlemen’s club in the world, and we bring in the baddest babes in the business. Just ask our weekly hosts — they agree with us.

Hot tip: When it comes to taking hot Instagram reels, be cool. Don’t try to take pictures of the servers or other European sunbathers, or risk getting removed from the pool.

Tip Your Restroom Attendant

Carrying some cash is always a good idea. Servers appreciate it, bartenders love it and those bathroom attendants that hand out the mints and smell-goods deserve tips, too.

If you forget your bills at home — or “accidentally” leave them in a dancer’s clutches at the club — check for a QR code to Venmo or Zelle a monetary thanks.

Party at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club and Las Vegas Dayclub

women standing with their backs to the camera

Day clubs are the perfect pregame for one thing only — hitting a club at night. Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is steps away from its sizzling-hot pool deck, with club party packages tailored to your perfect night.

Do you have any additional questions about packages or you simply would like to get on the VIP Guest List?! Simply fill out the form with your information below and one of our team members will be in contact with you!

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