Join us for Hamptons in the Desert sponsored by Yacht Club Vodka. Relax in the plush cabanas or on daybeds and cushioned lounge chairs and enjoy featured cocktails in colorful hues such as one of the Sapphire Pool & Day Club’s many signature drinks, The Admiral’s Daughter. Celebrating Yacht Club Vodka, a light, crisp tasting vodka, with a hint of elderflower, watermelon puree, muddled cucumber, fresh lime juice and soda, The Admiral’s Daughter is the perfect drink for a sunny day at the pool. NFL Sunday Ticket will be at the pool so you can follow your team right here at the Sapphire Pool & Day Club!

DJ Divina will be performing.

Sammy Benitez aka DJ Divina is a rising star and standout as one of Florida’s hardest working female DJs. Her energetic performances and vibrant spirit give her a rare stage presence that always captivates the crowd. As a former professional dancer, Divina doesn’t just hear music, she feels it. That allows her to understand the importance of playing for the crowd and satisfying their need to be moved by the music. Her format primarily consists of tech, house, techno, progressive and tribal floor fillers with her signature sound consisting of heavy bass lines, instrumentals and exotic melodies topped off with a subtle Latin influence.

A Miami native, Divina personifies the cities style, image and club sound. Of Cuban/Colombian descent, this combination fuels the fire that is Divina, and further accents her natural flair for rhythm, and instinctive ear for beats. A lifelong passion for music and dancing has led her to discover DJing as a profession and creative outlet. Her immersion in the EDM and nightlife scene gives her a clear understanding of this subculture and its drivers, which is always top of mind when she performs.

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