Join us on Sunday, June 30 to celebrate the birthday of AJ Trunk, our resident host emcee & creator/producer/choreographer of “The Men of Sapphire” male revue! It will be a Water Wars party, so be prepared to get soaked! Bring your super soaker and get ready to defend yourselves ;)

Water Wars will also feature an ”Epyk” set of DJ Battles, including:

  • Brett Rubin vs. Dropset
  • Well Groomed vs. Empty?
  • Blanco vs. Gusdammit
  • Zmajlee vs. Chris Dau
  • L-Boogie vs. DeMaro Cruz

SKAM Artist DJ StoneRokk will be also be performing! He is on the short list of disc jockeys considered for the intimate events of some of the biggest stars,  and has been in the employ of Heidi Klum, George Clooney, and Drew Barrymore, among many others. His list of corporate clients includes the giants of influence and commerce, and any quick glance at his bulging press kit reflects this fact. In order to dispel common misconceptions about DJing and continue to insert fun back into the art, StoneRokk delights in his partnership with the eclectic DJ Graham Funke, known as The Captains of Industry, producing a steady output of music, video, and literary projects to promote the craft they have both spent almost two decades honing. Individually and collectively, they are part of the SKAM Artist roster, arguably the most premier DJ booking agency in the ever-burgeoning business of nightlife.

For reservations or free limo pickup, call 702.303.3430.

Pool hours are 12-7 pm, Thursday-Sunday



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