tastefully_absurd_flyer_small@ChrisgarciaCGC – Chris Garcia was born to a DJ father in Arles, southern France, from which stemmed his early passion for music and technique. Everything really began in 2000 when Chris Garcia created a group of DJ’S “S7 DIFFUSION” who played at most of the students parties from the region of Nimes and Montpellier. At one of these events, Chris was noticed and hired as a resident DJ for one of the most famous nightclubs in Avignon: THE RED ZONE. Thanks to his success at the RED ZONE and to his very particular musical style, he was regularly invited as a guest DJ in Tunisia and Spain for events such as NOKIA FISE and the like. After only four years in Las Vegas, he is now one of Sin Cities most famous the resident house Dj’s and continues to travel around the world in pursuit of his passion for house music. From Los Angeles to Hong Kong from leaving Paris, Geneva, Lausanne and Miami, now more than ever: Music is a way of life!

@SexPantherDJS – After a chance meeting at a local Guitar Center in early 2011, Ryan and Aaron set out to turn the Hollywood club scene on its head, spreading their love for dirty, sexy house… music with nothing more than contagious enthusiasm and a taste for hedonism. 2013 is looking to be very promising for the boys. They have international tours lined up for Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, all while maintaining a full time touring schedule domestically. They continue to put out engaging photo/video content weekly, and are working on their first three track EP, scheduled to drop in early 2013.  Between their solid fan base, their ubiquitous social media presence, and the lifestyle they represent, there is no question that Sex Panther will be a name to watch out for in 2013 and beyond.

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