Top Summer Vacation Destinations in the USA

Just because it’s August, that doesn’t mean summer’s over. There’s still plenty of time to escape to some of the top summer travel destinations in the world.

Before you jet set around the world though, don’t get caught unprepared. From island vacation to freezing tourist attractions, we’ve compiled the best tips and travel spots for every type of jet setter.

Tips for Traveling like a Pro

Don’t get caught making any rookie mistakes. Take these tips into account.

Learn key phrases in the local language

Don’t feel pressured to become fluent in another language. Know the best words to survive and thrive, including “thank you” and “bathroom” among many others.

Make sure your passport is up to date

Every international traveler needs six months remaining on your passport before expiration. Renew your passport well in advance.

Book flights in advance

Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea when booking flights. The earlier you book your summer getaway, the cheaper the prices and less worries.

Take advantage of travel credit cards

Discount hounds, this one’s for you. Earn points on a travel credit card with everyday purchases, and reimburse them for extended benefits.

Best Places to Travel in the Summer — International Guide

At the end of the day, the best summer vacation spots are the ones that appeal to you. Hop on a plane for one of these unforgettable summer adventures in Europe, Asia and remote islands in between.

Greenland – More Of A White Land

Want some temperatures that hover in the low 50s in the “heat” of summer? Visiting Greenland is one way of accomplishing that.

Resort-Hopping in Mexico

For California residents and anyone in the US, Mexico is the downstairs neighbor that everyone wants to hang out with. Plus, it provides the opportunity to visit spots like Playa Del Carmen, the most beautiful beach town ever, and you get to save money throughout.

Fall in Love With Paris, France

Is there anything more romantic than Paris in the summer? Probably not. Head across the pond to soak in the culture focused on food and love.

Enjoying La Dolce Vita in Italy

summer vacation destinations Italy

Italy moves at the perfect summer pace. Every city and coastline is the picture-perfect stop for vacation, complete with wine and pizza in between the fascinating history. Try the beautiful cities of Rome or Milan, or the Amalfi Coast, with its coastal peaks against pastel buildings. Beautiful beaches are the perfect cure for city life, and Italian heaven stretches from east to west coast.

New Zealand – Scenic Landscapes For Nature Lovers

Head out to the land of Mordor — without all of the Lord of the Rings drama. It may take longer to get to New Zealand, but a summer there is practically a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Island-hopping in Greece

The best summer vacations cover a lot of ground, and that’s easy to do in Greece. All of the summer months afford island hopping and pristine beach weather under blue skies.

Backpacking in Southeast Asia

A rich history and Places like Hoi An, Vietnam — a place out of dream world — along with Thailand, Laos, South Korea and Indonesia.

Andaman Islands – Witness Paradise On Earth

An unconventional choice for sea views and fewer crowds, the Andaman Islands off the coast of India are a sight to behold.

Eating Your Way Around Lima

South America offers breathtaking views, and Peru is the perfect destination for history buffs and adventure seekers alike.

Best Summer Vacation Spots in the USA

Sometimes, the best trips are right in your own backyard.

Hiking the U.S. National Parks

national park

There are 63 official national parks in America, each with their own web of hiking trails. Make one of these beautiful spots your top summer destinations.

Pretend Not To Be a Tourist in New York City

NYC is the epicenter of energy in the United States. Go with someone that understands the city well, to stop by lesser-known hubs like Hudson Valley, New York.

Seeing Florida from Coast to Coast

Road trips are a rite of passage for USA travelers and out-of-country guests. Oceans on the eastern side of the country tend to be warmer, and there are so many popular attractions, from Disney World to Key West.

Montecito, California

With Santa Barbara nearby and the weather at the perfect temperature, now is the best time to visit. With an old town feel and outdoor activities in arm’s reach, you’ll never want to leave.

Colorado – A Summer Paradise

Get away from the hot desert nearby and retreat to Colorado, a state with perfect weather and abundant health. Go mountain biking, rock climbing, visit Rocky Mountain national park or simply take a walk in the great outdoors.

Salt Lake City – Laze At Golden Beaches

Utah is emerging as a popular travel destination, with its pristine nature and four seasons. Check out St. George and the beaches surrounding gorgeous lakes.

Get Wild In Las Vegas

Vegas strip at night

Summer vacations in Las Vegas provides no shortage of fun activities and ample opportunities for sipping cocktails and gambling to your heart’s content. This city is the perfect blend of work and play. It has the best restaurants, hotel after hotel of fun, the best shows in the world and travelers from all over. We even have our own Eiffel Tower

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