Saturday, October 5 – DJ Derrick Anthony, DJ Truelove, DJ Casanova

In the era of the rock star DJ, no other can turn heads the way DJ Derrick Anthony can . Standing 6’7” and weighing over 300 lbs, Derrick is the World’s Largest DJ. With a professional career spanning over  15 years, this Los Angeles native has worked tirelessly to become one of Sin City’s most sought after deejays. Derrick’s career behind the turntables began during his college years. Encouraged by friends, Derrick began spinning at local college parties and soon was being requested to deejay three to four nights a week. It was during this period and shortly after graduation that he made the decision to take his love of music to the next level by pursuing a music career in the city that never sleeps – Las Vegas.

Describing his overall style as “high energy with versatility”, DJ Derrick Anthony has always been keenly aware  that the key to being a successful DJ is not just about technical skills, but more importantly about the ability to manage the energy of the room and tap into the vibe of the crowd. “I can’t play what everyone else is playing, that’s what separates me from the rest.”

Resident DJ Truelove and DJ Casanova will also be performing. Call 702.303.3430 for free pickup and reservations!

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