In the dictionary, talent is defined as: a special natural ability and a capacity for achievement. In the world of disc jockeys, it’s defined by: DJ Karma. A master of his chosen craft, he embodies an unparalleled hybrid of experience and excellence. As a prodigal child he knew what dedication goes around evolving into becoming a leader in the industry. What has come around is a distinct sound and style that takes any venue and turns it into a mega power. His versatility and ability to seamlessly mix any genre of music together is what sets him apart from the rest. There’s music that can make you dance. Karma’s music feeds your soul.

Come watch this week’s college football games, enjoy our omelette breakfast bar, and experience Las Vegas Sapphire style!

Show your wristband from “Life is Beautiful” or “Fetish and Fantasy Ball” and receive free entry/limo to the pool! Call 702.869.0003 for pickup and reservations.

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