05.18.13_SPDC_DaisyDeLaHoya_SOCIALSaturday, May 18th will be hosted by the lovely Daisy De La Hoya, a live performance from HardKnox, and an open bar hosted by Yacht Club Vodka!

Daisy De La Hoya:

Daisy got her start in the studio in the summer of 2003 recording bass and backing vocals for Seraphim Shock’s highly acclaimed full length album’Halloween Sex N Vegas”. She then exploded onto the national scene in the spring of 04′ as the bassist for the band’s “Halloween Sex N Vegas” tours. Her “Take No Prisoners” playing style, catchy vocals, stunning good looks and killer live performances made her an instant favorite with SS fans all over.

Originally from Denver, CO, De La Hoya has made a huge name for herself as the breakout star of VH1’s highest rated reality show “Rock Of Love 2” with 80’s Hair-Band Legend Bret Michaels. Each week as she competed for Bret’s love, viewers were able to see that Daisy was more than just a pretty face, one that will be hanging around long after her “tour ended” with Bret.


Brothers Danny Boy and Jimbo (Dan and Jim Kehoe) make up the beat-heavy musical/MC duo, HardNox. They began their music careers as DJs in the Bay Area of California. Growing as DJs and club kids in the musically-diverse area, they quickly learned what moved a crowd and what would bring the party to a screeching halt. So after nearly seven years of spinning the same songs, they decided to push their creativity to new levels and make their own music.

“She’d Rather Be With The DJ,” 2010’s SMASH HIT “Fist Pump.” and now as of 2011/2012 “Eenie Meenie Miney Moe!” HardNox has been used on major television networks from the season premiere of “American Idol” to Howard Stern using a personalized version of “Fist Pump” for his SiriusXM show! Look out for “Eenie Meenie Miney Moe!” and “We In The Club” (True Blood) in 2011 and 2012!!

Pool hours are 11AM-7PM. Call 702-303-3430 for limo pickup!

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