Delicious Pool Snacks to Enjoy This Summer

There are a few ways to achieve that “heaven on Earth” feeling in your normal life. Getting a spa treatment falls under that category. Staying in a hotel 30 minutes from your house counts too.

Our personal favorite? Snacking by the pool.

When summer rolls around, nothing sounds better than refreshing snack on a lounger for a pool day.

Get more creative than the trail mix and sunflower seeds. Next time you have a hankering for some tanning and swimming, take a few snacks to the pool and make it an actual getaway.

Our Favorite Summer Pool Snacks

Ain’t nothing better on a hot summer day. Check out our favorite pool snacks and prepare to bring on the eating.

Need more pool snacks? Check out the best hamburgers that match you, to get inspo and snack ideas for your next pool getaway at Sapphire.


Fresh fruit is in season all summer long. It’s a perfect pool party snack for those looking for a sweet treat without the commitment of dessert.

Want to avoid the mess? Slap some fruit kabobs together for easy eating. Dried fruit is another clean choice, for a lighter snack that’s just as satisfying.

Chicken Wings

chicken wings in sauce

Chicken wings are the universal snack. They’re perfect for bars to watch the game, ordering in to destroy on the couch, making in the air fryer when nothing else sounds good … you get the idea. Plus, they’re one of the high protein snacks that’s always a crowd pleaser.

Are they a healthy snack? Absolutely not.

Are they delicious? Duh.


Chips are the beautiful, diverse, perfect snack food that everyone likes. Want a super savory choice? Nachos. Need salt? Go for the sea salt. Less than sober? Doritos.

Other chips that fall into those category are more crunchy goodness to enjoy by the water’s edge. Tortilla chips and guacamole, pretzels and even chips made from veggies count. Don’t forget salsa or cheese dip for extra flavor.

Cheese board

Feeling fancy? If the weather allows it, bring out a cheese and charcuterie board to the pool. Ingredients like cured meats, crackers, fruit, jams, and other dips and delights make the perfect board.

Just skip the butter boards. Nobody wants a butter board in the hot sun — or any other time.


Nothing beats a bomb sandwich. Whether you order in a sandwich or make one, all it takes is just a few ingredients to get the perfect sando. Bring peanut butter and jelly for the always-great combination, or go in with all the ingredients to make a classic bacon-lettuce-tomato BLT.

Most grocery stores will carry premade sandwiches, for a quick snack that won’t interrupt pool time.


woman eating popsicle

Ice cream bars are incredible, but sometimes, dairy can be too much for a hot summer’s day. Vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate doesn’t exactly sound refreshing. That’s where popsicles come in.

Make your own by freezing juice in molds, or buy classic Bomb Pops and Big Sticks.

Whether you eat yours off a stick or reach for Otter Pops, popsicles are the ultimate sweet treat to enjoy in the sun. Want something a little healthier? Frozen fruit is always a lovely choice. Prepare a big batch of frozen grapes that will last for a few hours out of the freezer.


‘Za, dude. Pizza is the portable snack that doesn’t need a knife and fork. With delivery being easy as (pizza) pie, it’s never a bad option.

Drinky Drinks

Last but certainly not least, no pool day is complete without an ice-cold beverage. Day drinking is practically a requirement for pools anyway.

Sip on delicious cocktails, beer, sparkling wines and bottles of bubbly in the summer heat to complement your favorite pool snack.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated with good old-fashioned water. Add some flavor to it, like lime juice or a MiO shot.

Snag Some Snacks At Sapphire

As one of the dayclub rules, food isn’t allowed to be brought in. However, pool snacks are sold at most pools and day club festivities.

At Sapphire, our pool snacks are some good gourmet grub. We serve more than just ballpark food — salads, sandwiches, breakfast items and desserts are all on the menu.

About Sapphire Pool & Dayclub

The summer sun calls for a special treat. Are you ready to have the perfect summer day? Take a fun twist on a a pool trip with Sapphire Dayclub, the only topless pool on the east side of the Strip. A hot day calls for one of our daybeds, cabanas, bungalows and lounge chairs to enjoy pool snacks to your heart’s content. Plus, your local grocery store can’t serve up the same delicious food and drinks that Sapphire’s kitchen cooks up. Enjoy fruit drinks with the added fun of alcohol to pair with them, or sip a cocktail from a watermelon cup for a “healthy” twist. We’ll also see you at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club after.

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