Do’s & Don’ts for Las Vegas Pool Party Outfits

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There are some age-old problems that have more than one answer.

Is the dress white and gold, or blue and black?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Are there more wheels or doors in the world?

We’re here to answer another centuries-old conundrum: what’s the best thing to wear to a pool party in Las Vegas?

The best pool party outfits constitute more than a hot pair of shorts for guys, or a sleek bikini for the gals.

Do’s and Don’ts of Las Vegas Pool Party Outfits

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Do: Look fresh

Now is the time to break out that spicy bikini and designer swim trunks to look like Tommy Bahama models. Since the vibe at every Las Vegas dayclub pool is fun and positive, your fit should match the mood.

Sapphire’s pool has its own designated merch counter packed with bathing suits, sun hats, shades and all of the essentials. Be sure to say hi to KP when you head over to scoop up some swimwear swag!

Don’t: Get dressed in the dark

Plastic flip-flops and big t-shirts have a time and place — but dayclub parties are not that place. Leave the ultra-casual garb in the hotel room.

Do: Class up the sun protection

Sunglasses are a lifesaver, and daytime pool visits are an excellent time to show off those sleek Ray-Bans and sexy sun hats.We encourage elevated swimwear to match the necessary accessories.

Don’t: Wear the cheap stuff

I’m not talking about those gorgeous sunnies you got at a boutique on clearance. Wear those all day long. I’m talking about non-UV protection sunglasses or hats that barely shade your hairline, much less your face. Invest in yourself, babe.

Do: Rock some bling

Not just the delicate, sexy body chains. Simple jewelry like earrings, thin bracelets and small pieces of facial jewelry are icing on the pool wear cake.

Do: Wear a cover-up

Need a break from the scorching sun? Throw on a loose dress, tunic, button-up shirt or other pool cover-up when needed. Since you need to wear a cover-up to enter the pool deck, make sure it’s an outfit you favor.

Don’t: Show up in just a bathing suit

No shirt, no shoes? No problem — but only after you step through the dayclub doors. Come in properly covered, and ditch the dress when you’ve arrived at your lounge chair.

Do: Stay on top of hygiene

There are several ways to show up to the pool looking — and smelling — fresh. Shower, apply sunscreen, deodorant and an appropriate amount of perfume or cologne before stepping foot onto the deck.

Don’t: Skip the shower

We’re not talking about the champagne showers. Never skip those.

Locker rooms will often have showers for hosing off after an afternoon at the pool. Take advantage of them to wash away the chlorine, sweat and tanning oil gathered from a day out in the sun.

Rock Those Pool Party Outfits at Sapphire

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We know you shopped long and hard to find some FIRE fits for the pool. Rock them at Sapphire! Our poolside cabanas are designed to showcase the sexy staff and gorgeous guests and their outfits — or lack thereof.


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