Don’t Forget These 9 Pool Essentials

One of life’s beautiful truths is that there’s no one right way to party. Some people love clubbing, others choose the chill lounge route and many choose a mix of both. There are so many pool essentials to remember — and we’ve listed them all.

A valid ID

It seems like a small thing, but bringing an ID to any pool that isn’t your own is necessary. Adult pool or not, bringing some form of identification is important.


Everyone in Vegas loves to brag about the weather and how we have a “dry heat.” I don’t care how wet the heat is, I don’t want to look like a raisin from the sun’s harsh rays.

Even a short amount of sun exposure is enough to cause some damage. Apply SPF before heading out to the deck, and at least once again throughout the day. For more skin feel-goods, bring lotion and hand sanitizer.


I know it sounds weird, but this is a very “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” thing to bring. Washcloths will take makeup off, wipe sweat away, clean off phone screens and sunglasses and wick away any drink spillage.

Great Shoes

The perfect shoes mean different thins to different people. A cool pair of flip-flops are always appropriate, along with wedge heels and slip-ons. Avoid stilettos or cheap, worn-out plastic sandals that can cause slipping.


woman with sunglasses in yellow bikini

Sunglasses are chic and useful at any outdoor function. Taking them to the pool is a given.

No sunglasses? Hats or visors also work for protection.

Bathing Suit

It’s swim season, baby. Time to break out the itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie yellow polka dot bikinis — or swim trunks.

Even if you don’t plan on going into the water, wearing a bikini or trunks opens the door for some excellent tanning opportunities. Plus, if you do get wet, no harm done.

Sapphire Pool and Dayclub has a wide range of bikinis to choose from, including some spicy swimwear choices that are perfect for a pool party.


Prance about in your swimwear 99% of the time — but cover up when walking in. Not only do cover-ups provide more sun reprieve, but many Las Vegas pools will deny you access if you show up in only a bathing suit.

Plus, who wants to walk around a casino in a wet bikini?


This one is more for non-casino pools, but it bears mentioning. Don’t get caught without sustenance during a long day of pool fun. Keep in mind that this season is best for chips and salsa, and less for easy-melting treats like chocolate or frozen goodies.


Don’t get caught with bad breath after snacking and drinking. Gum, mints or breath spray come in clutch throughout the day.

Bring Pool Essentials To Sapphire Pool & Dayclub

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