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DJ Adriana


Growing up in New York City and then relocating to Phoenix, Adriana has always set her sights high. Proving her appreciation for music at the age of 3 when she first became a part of the world of dance, Adriana was always moving to the beat in her ballet, jazz, tap, or even flamenco shoes. These days, just put her in stilettos or sneakers and you will see that Adriana is still a slave to the rhythm around her. Throughout her childhood, Adriana learned to play a number of musical instruments from the traditional piano and violin to the rare harp or even the ancient guzheng or zither. Her love of hip-hop was introduced to her by her older brother when she was still in elementary school in the early ‘90s. As she grew older her knowledge of music within diverse genres grew with her explaining her abilities to rock a crowd behind the 1s and 2s, pleasing any audience she’s playing for. Blend her passion of music with her love of entertaining people and you find the explanation as to how Adriana got behind the vinyl, turntables, and mixer in the first place.

Based in Las Vegas with frequent travel to Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Taipei, Scottsdale, Miami, and New York, Adriana has already begun trailblazing events and venues worldwide with no intentions to slow down any time soon.


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