Playing amongst the Top DJs in the world, making a career out of what I love to do and earning a place in the spotlight has always been the ultimate goal.”

 In January of 2012, Aaron made the decision to make the move to Las Vegas to pursue a career in entertainment. Heʼs got 15 years experience as a DJ, with the ability to play any style of music on any system to cater to any audience. He has also created a DJ personality that can interact with the crowd. With a background in performing and production that brings more to the stage than just mixing tracks, his experience with marketing and promotions is sure to create traffic to any club, venue or event.

DJ FNAʼs current projects include producing his own remixes and original tracks, launching a marketing and media business, and creating an entertainment and promotions agency. He is currently a DJ Specialist at Guitar Center where he is able to stay current with the latest gear, support local DJs, and assist aspiring DJs. Additionally, he is working with Vegas VIP as a host to provide the Vegas VIP experience to clients from all over the world, and build a network of industry staff members and followers.


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