spdc_060613_IndustryThurs_SOCIALIndustry Thursday on June 6 will feature SKAM ARTIST DJ OB-One. You may have seen him on the MTV special “True Life: I’m a Muay Thai Fighter,” which chronicled the times of Ben Garcia as he trained and traveled to Thailand for a bare knuckle championship. While the experience and win was a huge honor, the more accessible-to-an-MTV-audience portion of the show dealt with his alter-identity, the versatile and sought-after DJ OB-One. Raised on healthy helpings of rock and hip hop, embraced by punk, groomed through drum & bass, and enamored with reggae, after 16 years in the game and DJ OB-One possesses the skills and selection to deliver you an auditory beating.

Cover is free for locals, and we’ll also have a hosted open bar from 11 am-2 pm! Come in early to take full advantage of the free drinks 🙂

For reservations or free limo pickup, please call 702 303 3430.

Pool hours are 11 am-7 pm, Thursday-Sunday.

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