Have you been missing pool season as much as we have? The delicious ice cold drinks, girls in sexy bikinis or pasties, and DJs spinning the hottest beats. Luxury is even more enticing as it beckons from a VIP Cabana or Daybed. The food always tastes better after a few cocktails and a game of pool volleyball but the food always tastes good. You may find yourself day-dreaming about: Sliders, Shrimp Cocktail, Fresh Fruit, Hearty Salads, and Pizza. Yes, you day-dream because if you have ever been to our pool you know that it’s so much more than hot girls, good food, and tasty drinks.

Our pool is celebrities shaving heads, go-go dancers doing the splits in the air while doing a hand stand, and sexy Playboy Bunnies rockin’ the DJ booth. This pool is so much more than just a pool. How can it be compared to your average pool party on the Strip when it’s neighbor is The World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club? The answer is, it can’t. This pool is home to some of the sexiest moments in a Vegas summer and we plan to top it this year. So watch out because we mean business… hot hot luxury pool party business!

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