Sapphire Pool & Day Club opened in the beginning of the Pool Party season in Las Vegas in 2013. It’s rookie year, Sapphire hosted numerous celebrities such as: Dennis Rodman, Pamela Anderson, Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick, Adrian Grenier, and more. Sapphire Day Club was making an impression, it was the first Day Club to open up attached to a Gentlemen’s Club, Sapphire Las Vegas. Being that it is a bit off the Strip, Sapphire Day Club also offers FREE limo pick-up for guests and on ‘Departure Sundays’, Sapphire Pool even offers FREE limo pick-up to the pool party and then FREE drop-off at the airport for flights home!

Limo pick-up to hit a Day Club filled with gorgeous women and even some celebrities is pretty awesome but once you get there, the real fun begins. That is why it was no surprise when Sapphire Pool & Day Club was named the Best Day Club for the Las Vegas Review Journal’s ‘Best of Las Vegas‘ competition. The winner is voted by vacationers and locals alike. Beating out popular pool parties that have been around longer, Sapphire Day Club was thrilled to see that their hard work and ability to throw an amazing pool party had paid off.

As mentioned above, Sapphire Day Club is attached to the World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club, Sapphire Las Vegas. As if the Best Day Club win wasn’t enough, Sapphire Las Vegas also won. Sapphire LV won Best Gentlemen’s Club and Best Bachelor Party in the ‘Best of Las Vegas‘ votingNow with BIG wins under their belts, the Day Club and the Gentlemen’s Club will be able to offer the absolute BEST party options in Las Vegas… literally.

Both venues boast incredible food made by Sapphire’s own Sapphire Grill. The food served is built for any kind of appetite. Try out dishes like: John’s Steak & Eggs, Shai’s Strippin’ Chicken, various salads, sliders, pizza, shrimp cocktail, etc. The idea is to indulge and take Las Vegas for everything that it has to offer. Lucky for Sapphire Las Vegas and Day Club, everything customers need is in the palm of their hand. It’s a one-stop-shop.

Do Vegas right, like a VIP at Sapphire Day Club. To book a Cabana or Daybed be sure to call 702-869-0003 or click here Sapphire Pool & Day Club Booking. You deserve to experience the best while you’re in Las Vegas and Sapphire Pool & Day Club is it!

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