Born in Canada and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, DJ L1 spent much of her childhood invested in music. Her musical roots stemmed from years of training both in piano and singing, however, it was the urban culture around her that became the largest influence of all, and L1 found herself inspired by graffiti art, break dancers, MCs and of course, DJs. She was also heavily drawn to reggae music, which was a large part of her island environment and culture. Inspired by all of these elements, L1 finally purchased Technics 1200 turntables and began to DJ. A quick study and hard worker, it was no time before she started making mix tapes for friends around town. It paid off one day when one of her mixes fell into the hands of Flash, a prominent club director who offered her a weekly residency on his busiest hip-hop night. For the next two years, L1 would continue to grow as a DJ, playing at several venues in Hawaii until the day House of Blues, Las Vegas came calling, offering her a residency.

Since relocating to Las Vegas, L1 has developed a style all her own, blending real hip-hop with Motown, funk, R&B, reggae, rock, ‘80s and a bit of house. During her time in Las Vegas, she has not only created a large following, but her career has flourished, taking her to nightclubs in Aspen, Lake Tahoe, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Bahamas, San Francisco and more. In addition, L1 had a successful swimsuit-modeling career that has taken her all over the world and included work for companies including Hawaiian Tropic, Playboy, Baywatch, Reef Brazil, Muscle & Fitness and Miller Lite.

More recently, L1 has been a featured DJ on the television show “Inked,” was Dave Attel’s DJ on Comedy Central’s Insomniac Tour DVD and has DJed for many other prominent A-list clients such as Prince, Elton John, KISS, Mixwell, Chanel, The Real-World Suite LV and VH-1.

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