wekklyspdcSince he started performing at parties in the area DJ Que quickly made a name for himself and took cues from fellow Vegas DJ’s such as DJ Vice, OB One and several others. By making these connections he was able to gain more and more exposure, eventually making him one of the most recognized music masters in the city. As he honed his skills, club promoters and fans started to take notice. He had an unmatched energy when performing that was more that of a club goer than a DJ. It was this enthusiasm that eventually landed him residencies at some of the hottest clubs on The Strip.

As his talent continued to shine, it was clear that DJ Que had a knack for something truly special in the DJ’ing world. His performances began to get known for his live, in-show mash-ups. Most DJ’s take the time to mix their mashups pre-show. DJ Que was one of the first to introduce live mashups taking his talent and performances to a whole different level. He has truly stepped up and made some noise in a city that is known for some of the best parties in the world.

DJ Que will be performing at the hottest Pool & Day Club in Las Vegas, the Sapphire Pool & Day Club. Call 702.303.3430. Locals are always free. Tickets start at $20 and can be purchase at http://bit.ly/dj-que-sapphire

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